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    March 3, 2010


    I didn't see this coming and I am pretty sure I was about to post the delayed review of Percy Jackson when I saw this news. Variety reports that Brandon T Jackson, who plays a satyr Grover in Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief, has joined Martin Lawrence in another round of drag queen adventure undercover. It is the third round for Big Momma's House.

    John Whitesell will start shooting the film in April in Atlanta, based on the script by Randi Mayem Singer. Empire Online described the plot as: "Lawrence's nephew Trent witnesses murder and must go undercover with his uncle (both of them in rubbery drag this time) at an all-girls performing arts school. Can they track down the killer before he finds them? Will you even have a firm grip on your sanity by the time the film ends?"

    Wait, did you said two drag queen undercover this time? Pass me out perhaps?
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