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    March 19, 2010


    Variety reported that a plan to adapt Nick Stone is underway. Like Jason Bourne, Nick is a spy hero of the long-running series of novels by ex-SAS hardnut and Heat shoot-out co-ordinator, Andy McNab. In the ultimate example of ‘write-what-you-know’, Stone is also an ex-SAS hardnut, constantly getting mixed up in all sorts of political intrigue that warrant solving with extreme violence.

    There are currently twelve volumes regarding Nick Stone and the plan game now is to adapt the third book as the first movie. The book Firewall, will however be renamed as Echelon (presumably to avoid confusion with Harrison Ford's Firewall).

    Echelon will see Stone team up with a female cryptographer to infiltrate a computer facility that could jeopardise global security. The book author, McNab will write the script treatment himself. Ashok Amritraj and Bonnie Timmerman will produce.

    SOURCES: Empire Online, Variety
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