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    March 30, 2010


    Wait! Before you proceed on reading this, this is still technically a RUMOUR!! Even those guys at Cinema Blend are not so sure yet but their insiders believed that Rachel Weisz is seriously considered for a role in Bond 23. Bond girl? No. Villain? Yes.

    Now this is a difficult news to ensure. A week ago, not been reported on this blog because of its total rubbish (and unconfirmed rumours that quickly cool down), has that Freida Pinto and Olivia Wilde were casted for the Bond girl role. While Pinto's rep was quick to cool it down, Wilde's casting was denied by her herself. Now, we have rumours that Rachel Weisz will play someone in within the Quantum organization - presumably the head of the shadowy organization. It's time to find out where Q and MoneyPenny originated from.

    The script will be written by Peter Morgan, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. Sam Mendes will direct the movie in case the greenlight was given by MGM.

    It was still hard to determine to what extent on the movie's development itself, given that MGM overhaul debts are really hurting the lion. It is still slated for a 2011 release but we will just wait and see though.
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