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    March 31, 2010


    [REC] 2 is out in Spain since October 2 last year in its native country, Spain. Hailed as one of the greatest horror flick that originated from the Amigo-land, I have to confess that [REC] was very engaging. Even, the American remake - Quarantine was equally stunning though no where near the hype of the original. While many panned the movie because of how annoying Jennifer Carpenter was with her over-acting, I still found it interesting.

    2 years later, comes [REC] 2 and the movie has so far grossed US$ 17 million in the European market. Now the Spanish movie will be making its release at United States on July 9, with Magnolia Pictures distributing it. Watch the UK version's trailer here anyway (I don't feel scare, why? Oh probably I played Left4Dead too much)

    Read more after the jump for some Quarantine 2 news.

    On somehow another related news, Sony Screen Gems has announced the production of Quarantine 2 but the surprise was, it has nothing in common or anything to do with [REC] 2. Well, you have been well known that Quarantine was an exact mold of [REC] with some addition of tit bits, but Quarantine 2 will goes airborne. Talking about a flight horror now, I think it would be preferable if they did something new rather than just another mold shot by shot.

    John Pogue (Ghost Ship) will write and direct the sequel, which will move the infected action to a bustling airport.

    Note: [REC] 2 is written and directed by Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza.
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