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    April 23, 2010


    No, if you don't know who is Jason Voorhees is then chances are you think that the person really exists. While, if you know the name, you will probably know the character from Friday the 13th. Apparently the sequel film is dead despite the $40 million in its front-loaded opening weekend!

    2009's Marcus Nispel's remake of Friday The 13th will probably may not sees a light for a sequel. According to Platinum Dunes' producer Brad Fuller through his Twitter, has said, "It is dead. Not happening." and "Right now there is no movement."

    The sequel has been planned long and was rumoured to be in 3D and will start shooting soon. But it looks like all is dead and nothing will be possible for it now. However, things may change if another remake of the classic; A Nightmare on Elm Street is really a killer. Any chances you want to see Jason again?

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