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    April 11, 2010


    Out of nowhere, the young dude we see from Percy Jackson is suddenly emerging himself as one of the front-runner for the role.

    According to HitFix, they learned that Logan Lerman is in fact the first choice for Sony Pictures and a clear front-runner in the reboot of everybody loved about - Spider-Man. Following the departure of Sam Raimi (cited difficulty to work with Sony Pictures) and the original suitor, Tobey Macguire, it comes to a logical move that Sony will prefer a fresh rejuvenation by taking the friendly neighbourhood much-loved superhero back to its school days.

    With Marc Webber (500 Days Of Summer) is at helm with James Vanderbilt's script, it comes to no one surprises that a more-teen inclined series will be developed as a backup plan following departure of Sam Raimi. Now they have one, Logan Lerman. The 18-year-old is on contention, beating the likes of Anton Yelchin, Jesse Eisenberg and many others.

    The plan is still on by the way, although I am still distasteful of what Sony is doing. Rebooting? I mean, come on, it was just less than a decade ago. I was in loved with Sam Raimi's trilogy until you ruined it on the third one. Ooops, sorry Sony!!

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