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    April 24, 2010


    Rejoice!! Movie fans in Malaysia would be happy to know that the two most anticipated action movies will be releasing next week, thus kick-starting in what the audiences in Stateside would have known as Summer Blockbuster season.

    In Malaysia, fans for the blockbuster sequels of Ip Man 2 and Iron Man 2 can now purchase advance tickets now at GSC cinemas and Cathay Cineplexes beginning 23 April. Meanwhile the advance tickets will also commence on 26 April at Big Cinemas, TGV cinemas and MBO cinemas.

    Ip Man 2, a highly awaited sequel for 2008's Ip Man will start showing in cinemas nationwide beginning 29 April. Donnie Yen will return as the legendaty Grandmaster Ip Man, based on his real life events during the 50's following his exile from Mainland China after World War 2. Ip Man has been rated (18) under the new film rating system by LPF.

    Iron Man 2, similarly a sequel for 2008's mega blockbuster will indeed has an early opening by a full week than the Stateside. Opening on 30 April with early shows on the evening of the 29th, Malaysians will be among the first in the world to catch the next in Tony Stark's adventure, while facing a new line of enemy and probably the biggest introduction to the world of The Avengers. Iron Man 2 has been given a (PG13) rating.

    For more about the advance ticket sales for both movie, please visit the respective cinema websites:

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