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    April 23, 2010


    It looks like there are another four new image stills from Inception. Last week we have 4 image stills premiered worldwide and was featured in the blog at this link. I have to say, pretty amazing for all those four previous one. Well, it looks like the Warner bros are pretty playful in terms of their marketing of this project - so does C Nolan.

    Although no official plot, nor any new trailer since end of last year, the film is inflicting a lot of buzz and attention so far. Well, that is a job's done but not when you consider these new images. Click on the slide show to view. Enjoy!!

    P/S: Cinematographer Wally Pfister has confirmed that Nolan and him will go all to against Batman 3 in 3D while maintaining the option that they will still go for IMAX on it. Let us wait for more detailed on the announcement regarding the Batman 3 if it is true of what I have featured yesterday will indeed materialized.

    And here is again, last week's embedded image stills from last week:

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