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    April 12, 2010


    Todd Phillips made it big last year with The Hangover. (No this is not a news about The Hangover 2 although the picture above suggested otherwise) That was awesome! Then, Phillips will follow up with Robert Downey Jr - Michelle Monaghan sort off reunion from the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Due Date, yes, that's the name which will be coming out this November. Highly sorted off! So what's new for Phillips?

    Well, he launched a project under the codename Project X (common name dude!). It is a secret new comedy film supposedly to be produced by him and Joel Silver. He is not directing this one though and the job will goes to Nima Nourizadeh (director for Adidas ads).

    Deadline New York reports that the film will have a slim budget of US$ 12 million, a hard R-rated comedy by Warner Bros. Plot is unknown and most likely the film will be immersed with lots of unknown actors too. The film is scheduled to start shooting this June in LA. So, there's a gap between Phillips' Due Date and the proposed sequel to The Hangover then!
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