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    May 29, 2010


    It looks like Bryan Singer's next directorial project Jack The Giant Killer has been put on hold of its filming until February 2011. The guys at Screen Rant spread out the words and said that the delayed has something to concern about the visual effects. Supposedly, the shooting starts this summer but Bryan Singer opt for different approach of pre-visualizing things.

    For those who are not familiar with the plot story, Jack is a normal farmer is given a chance of his lifetime to lead a dangerous expedition to the giant's kingdom after a princess is kidnapped. This brings to a threatening in between the long standing peace between men and the giants. No official casting heard from the movie either although Singer has met with Aaron Johnson and Andrew Garfield for the lead role.

    Singer's next project, a producer role on X-Men: First Class begins picking up power a few hours ago when James McAvoy was rolled in as Professor X. Now, who will be Magneto? And what about Jack The Giant Killer then?
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