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    May 21, 2010


    Looks like another JJ Abrams' planned movie that goes under the radar again for all these while. This yet untitled film will deal about heist - something akin Christopher Nolan's Inception or any past titles like The Italian Job or Ocean's Eleven. The project is currently under the development of Abrams' working production studio Bad Robot. It was reported in Heat Vision Blog that JJ Abrams has approach writer Phil Alden Robinson.

    Robinson last made into headline with 2002's Jack Ryan thriller The Sum Of All Fears in which he directed. It is unsure if Robinson's job would include writing duty or directing as well. The production of the movie begins when Abrams nabbed the rights of Joshua Davis' Wired article on The Untold Story Of The World's Biggest Diamond Heist. It is based on the true development regarding the massive jewelry robbery in Antwerp in 2003, stealing almost $100 million in gems, jewelery and gold.

    While the ringleader was caught and thrown in jail, he didn’t reveal how it was done until Davis tracked him down in a Belgian prison and got him to spill the details. In the course of getting the article published, he also picked up the man’s life rights.

    SOURCES: Empire Online, Heat Vision Blog
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