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    May 11, 2010


    There is much love and hate about Iron Man 2. While it did not perform on par like its predecessor, Iron Man 2 is still a good piece of action, a decent one to kick start the summer. MTV had a little chat with director Jon Favreau, asking him about the next on Iron Man.

    There is no idea on where Tony Stark will stand after the 2012's planned The Avengers. Jon Favreau has confirmed that he wants to continue the iron clad superhero for another solo outing. So Iron Man 3 is still possible? Yes, indeed and Favreau has envisioned The Mandarin as the next adversary.

    You've got to do The Mandarin, but the problem is, the way he's depicted in the comic books... you don't want to see that.
    Jon Favreau, director

    Favreau is referring to the nature of the existence of The Mandarin - a dastardly Chinese, descended from Genghis Khan whose martial arts prowess and obtained his magical power through the ten magical rings. In a nutshell, The Mandarin is simply a character that has magic, mystical element. Previously, production team felt it is difficult to incorporate him into this high technology film.

    Sooner or later, there will be Thor in this whole universe, "maybe introducing magic won't seem out of place," according to Favreau. What ever it is, Iron Man 3 is still far up ahead.

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