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    May 19, 2010


    The latest on the Marvel World would probably something exciting to patch up those holes on the development plan. Yes, those of you who are not aware that following Iron Man 2, you will be served with The First Avenger: Captain America and Thor next year. Then, The Avengers will take the storm in 2012. Those are confirmed plans.

    Here comes those we should categorized as unsure. Iron Man 3 could work in 2013. There is a movie specifically for SHIELD and Nick Fury (according to Samuel L Jackson). There is also lots of talks on solo movies venturing out from the The Avengers dream-plan; Ant-Man and Black widow are among them. Yes, I have to admit that this whole situation is confusing and very tough to follow, but all these linking connection could only mean that the dream project on Marvel's side is working!

    Kevin Pennington (from 90210 TV series) has apparently signed a 3-picture deal with Marvel Studio last week. He tweeted:
    It’s a three picture deal so hopefully that guarantees i’ll be in more than one movie in my lifetime…. haha =)
    It was revealed later that his involvement in the deal has nothing to do with superhero role, he tweeted:
    big movie deal does not involve a mask covering my face… take that as you will. gnight =)
    Marvelous News revealed later that Pennington is playing a popular member of SHIELD. Who? I am not so sure. This could mean that Pennington may ended up featuring in The First Avenger: Captain America as he will report for duty in two months time. Chances are, he may be featuring in The Avengers too. He may ended up for the role of 'Dum Dum' Dugan or Wendell Vaughn (Quasar). Either way, I am not sure.

    Besides Pennington, the same source also mentioned (although may not look pretty much assured) that the role of Hank Pym aka The Ant-Man will be Nathan Fillon's. While I am happy that Fillon may be joining the board too but not even Edgar Wright, whom has been attached for The Ant-Man project was confirming those. The Playlist asked Wright about the truth in which he replied "Not as far as I know!" Does this means Marvelous News is fabricating stuffs?

    We also have other questions orbiting around as well; for example, whether Edward Norton appears in The Avengers and who is playing Hawkeye? It looks like we may have to wait until this July's Comic-Con at San Diego because it is most likely that Marvel Studio is going to make nay official announcement.

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