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    May 7, 2010


    The first images from the super-secret teaser trailer tied-in with the opening of Iron Man 2; an upcoming film by JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg has arrived online. It has somehow leaked so quickly into the internet and it is spreading like flood water. Within hours, the trailer has become the subject on Twitter and other social media. Super 8 is the current phenomenon!

    I never doubt the power of Youtube but let's assure that this trailer or video will quickly find itself into ban and removal upon the request - that I will not be surprise at all. After all, the video is not in the upper most quality and it is so obvious that someone out there has recorded it out. I must said that after watching the whole video, I am thrill to watch it now. With a year to go, I was left pondered what are the significants of those shots and the final products, since the principal photography will not start until this Fall. Nevertheless, the scenes may provide a crucial introduction and lead-in into the story.

    You can read from my yesterday's post about Super 8. No matter what it is, it looks fascinating. Watch the trailer below (while the availability is still on):

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