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    June 24, 2010


    Who has watched last December's mega-hit Sherlock Holmes? Yes, I mean the one with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law in it! Chances are you may have and you might be wondering who played the chalky-bits and anonymous nerdy villain Prof Moriarty on that. Well, no need to discuss who played him in the first movie because it will remain as anonymous as possible.

    Since Guy Ritchie and the gang has step up the gear for the production of the sequel, it will be interesting to see everyone is back to reprise their roles in the second outing in Sherlock Holmes 2, plus Prof Moriarty. The big question is who will play the witty villain?

    While in most cases in the past, rumours are strong that Brad Pitt is the strongest name and it has been mentioned before in Green Tea Movie last year as the matter of fact. Although reports of denial emerge later, the name of Brad Pitt remains the most possible. However, Superhero Hype and Screen Rant has added another name in for the role - Daniel Day Lewis.

    Superhero Hype also claim that other A-lister actors linked to the role as rumoured include Sean Penn, Javier Bardem and Gary Oldman. Although the three latter mentioned sounds great and exciting, I will still put my money on either Pitt or Lewis. Lewis, an Irish/British with lots of acting credits in his hands is one of the most gifted actor coming out of the land of Britain with his award-winning performances in Gangs Of New York and There Will Be Blood. We have no words on when filming will start after all!

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