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    June 26, 2010


    I think this is Batch 3! The first batch of photos are available here while the second one is here. Warner Bros has been effectively marketing the upcoming Christopher Nolan's movie Inception with slowly build-up. It is amazing to see how WB has been playing games these days to the core fans. Perhaps, the approach Nolan set up is perfectly timed and done diligently. So far, no major spoilers yet and the audiences are still looking for more clear signs on how Inception goes. This is great, such mysterious sense revolving around the movie is undeniably smart.

    In case you want to figure out how the story really go, perhaps try have a look on these 20 new images. Take a hefty look at the slideshow below:

    Optionally, why not head down to Screen Rant's more elaborated details about the characters? You have Leo and director Christopher Nolan to tell you what's in and out of each characters. You can find more Inception related story on Green Tea Movie too by clicking the tag Inception under this post or simply go to here. The build-up to Inception is just marvelous.

    SOURCE: Screen Rant
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