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    July 1, 2010


    While on the last report, Josh Hutcherson's name was no way to be found, Slash Film reported that Sony's Columbia Picture may have settle the job of Peter Parker/Spider-Man to Josh Hutcherson for the planned reboot of Spider-Man. However, treat this as a rumor because until official announcement has been made by Sony, we assume this been a rifled up wildfire! Similar discussion emerged way back in April when Josh Hutcherson was also been named as one of the potential actor to grab that role.

    Last week, reports over at the studio has that screen tests have been made with the potential actors including Jamie Bell, Andrew Garfield, Alden Ehrenreich, Aaron Johnson, Anton Yelchin and Logan Lerman. It was understood that the deal to sign the next Spider-Man has been closed down to the six candidates while Josh Hutcherson's name was not in the hopeful list. If indeed the rumor is true, which i doubt it won't happened for some reasons; this will be a setback as Logan Lerman is appeared to be the front-runner.

    After the jump, I pointed out several factors that will make Hutcherson out of the contention.

    According to some of the reader's comments on the previous post:
    Aaron or Logan please? both are them are sizzling hot okay!


    i like logan...like the percy jackson!!!!

    It looks like the top choices among the fans were Logan Lerman. Super Hero Hype talked to the actor and he seems less optimist about his chance of scoring Peter Parker. Cinemablend also made a point by saying that Josh Hutcherson's next movie Journey To The Mystery Island (sequel to Journey To The Center Of The Earth) will start shooting this fall in Hawaii and Austarlia. Would that be a conflicting schedule and putting Hutcherson out of the list?

    We shall wait for an official announcement by Columbia Pictures and director Marc Webb, soon I hope.

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