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    July 6, 2010


    Tired of remakes and reboots? Here's one news about original project based upon an original idea by Peter Morgan, whom has a big critical hit with Last king of Scotland. Summit Entertainment is developing a new sea-based thriller known at the moment as Riptide. Riptide was originally written by Richard McBrien before Morgan steps in to rewrite. It is an original production and guess many Hollywood goers begin to realize that we need some fresh air to breath in.

    The original story of Riptide will set on a ship - Nautica, about “a handyman, a young stock broker, and the stock broker’s girlfriend. One of the men is found dead floating in the sea. The girlfriend is found at a nearby hotel. An investigator is called in to figure out what happened and why.” To make things more exciting, Summit has apparently approached both Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf for roles.

    According to Pajiba, it was speculated that Pitt would play the man sent to investigate while LaBeouf would play the young stock broker. First, I must reinstate that at thos point, nothing is confirmed but I bet many would love (including me) to see both stars playing opposite to each other in a movie. Here's a chance anyway!! No director yet and definitely no releasing date announced yet.

    SOURCES: Empire Online, Pajiba; Image credit: Screen Rant
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