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    August 11, 2010


    One of the unknown film that will making some splashing on the cinema later this year has to be this. Recently revealed at SDCC (Comic-Con), Skyline is a science fiction thriller directed and produced by the Brothers Strause. It was written by Joshua Cordes and Liam O'Donnell, starring Scottie Thompson, Eric Balfour, Donald Faison, and David Zayas. The film is set in a Los Angeles high rise where a small group of survivors brave a mysterious attack of otherworldly origins. Alien spaceships hover above the city and begin using light to attract then swallow human beings.

    Brother Strause - Colin and Greg Strause are otherwise the dynamic duo behind many amazing VFX movies like The X-Files, Titanic, 300 and X-Men: The Last Stand. Their last film directing credit was unfortunately have been AvP: Requiem which sucks big time. But you have to admit that you may have fall in love with some of their effect works in those movies right? At the moment, Skyline is slated for 12 November release in USA while no words on local release yet. Yes, the stunning trailer is just below. Ready

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