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    September 7, 2010


    Back then, when the news broke out that Guillermo del Toro has left the production of The Hobbit, many were left devastated. Later, Guillermo has began to tantalize all his previous pipelines of planned projects including Slaughterhouse-Five, Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde...oh and not to forget the adaptation of HP Lovecraft's At The Mountains Of Madness.

    Speaking of that, this bring us to the real exciting story. Back in July while Green Tea Movie was kind off busy, we heard the rumour that Guillermo del Toro was directing this with super director James Cameron. Well, it seems that, yes, the news seems to have some validity after all. No longer it is a rumour but this has formed a new dream team that will guarantee something huge soon.

    There is another news in relation to the project itself and it seems like both Tom Cruise and James McAvoy are considered for a role, as quoted by the good people at Collider. They claimed that Universal is eyeing McAvoy while del Toro wants Cruise, while the name Chris Pine was also mentioned (only to be wrote off later due to his hectic schedule). Technically, both names emerged onto the surface now with different backing.

    The movie has no tentative release yet but Screen Rant believe that the production could go as soon as the mid of 2011. Who ever won the role could have a significant impact on the movie. Oh, prepare your 3D glasses now okay?

    SOURCES: Collider, Screen Rant
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