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    September 8, 2010


    A few days ago, Alfonso Cuaron's upcoming stranded sci-fi thriller Gravity was in the edge of danger following the decision by Angelina Jolie to pass out the offered lead role to focus her attention on her first directorial project. While Robert Downey Jr has agreed to do a part for the movie, understand this - the movie is a perpetual sci-fi that takes on a POV of one character mostly - the lead actress' role. Remember Tom Hanks in Cast Away?

    With Angelina Jolie passed out, the studio has frantically looking for someone who can draw in a massive audience like Jolie did. However, there isn't much for them to choose. With actress like Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, Naomi Watts, Sandra Bullock and Marion Cottilard been on the list, the studio has finally approached Natalie Portman to offer her the lead role. So, will Portman accepted the offer?

    Screen Rant and Risky Business reported that the reason why Portman was selected was because of her early critical acclaim performance in the upcoming Oscar runner film, Black Swan - the dark revenge thriller directed by Darren Aronofsky. Gravity centers on a woman stranded on a space station after satellite debris smashes into it and kills the rest of her crew. The movie also will be shot in CGI (more than 60%) and the opening shot is supposed to be one fluid shot that lasts around 20 minutes.

    Should she accepted the role? Anyway, we hope to see some decision soon. Gravity is currently slated for 2011 December release.

    SOURCES: Risky Business of THR, Screen Rant
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