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    September 13, 2010


    Next Summer, Paul Bettany will be teaming up with director Scott Stewart once again. This time, the duo sets to erase the bad memory and bitter taste surrounding the release of early this year's badass Legion movie. I doubted that will happen, but by judging on the trailer, the upcoming religious cult-themed vampire movie Priest is really kick-ass. Yes, the official trailer for the movie Priest has landed online recently and you can watch it below:

    Priest is presented with the dystopian world where the Churches are run via corporation. Outside the city, it seems that the humanity has lost and the world became chaotic with the emergence of new breed of vampires. Paul Bettany is the Christian warrior priest whose niece was abducted by a group of vampires. He decided to disobey the Church order by teaming up with a priestess (Maggie Q) and a young sheriff (Cam Gigandet). They tracked down a group of vampires lead by their Satanic priest, Black Hat (Karl Urban).

    An action-packed it seems, somebody must have noted the similarity with Van Helsing! Priest is an adaptation from the Korean manhwa of the same name and is coming to theaters May 13 in US and May 12 in Malaysia.
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