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    November 8, 2010


    Treat this as a rumor please. It's been awhile now we last heard that Matt Damon is not returning for more Bourne movies. Universal Picture has already notion that they will go forward with the series with or without Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass. So it is obvious that the fourth planned movie, now to be known as The Bourne Legacy will take a fresh breath direction with a new face for the hero.

    The rumors in town has that James Franco may be the man Universal is looking for. Franco is rumored for the lead role in the fourth Bourne movie. The rumor apparently sparked in a New York Post article which states that "Gilroy made a beeline for Franco, asking to be introduced to him,” at a recent party following the New York premiere of 127 Hours".

    Recently, writer/director Tony Gilroy explained that The Bourne Legacy will not be a reboot of the franchise, rather a continuation that will not requires a new face to replace Matt Damon for the iconic role.

    Indeed, we do not know how will this going to turn out but let's hope the production will kick in real soon. James Franco will be seen in Danny Boyle's 127 Hours and upcoming Rise of the Apes which will open next year.
    SOURCE: ScreenRant
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