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    November 24, 2010


    [now updated with international poster] 

    Sony Picture's upcoming The Green Hornet has been bumped to January. That is not a good sign since many January pics in the past are those in the past has been dumped by the studios for their limited potentials in box office and also with the audiences. Despite The Green Hornet is opening this January, the new international trailer is still showing and convincing us that the movie has some packing punch in it. Still 50-50 I would say.

    Enjoy the new international trailer that debuts on Yahoo Movie:

    From the new footage (some extra), it is still hard to decide if this movie will works or not. Audience in Malaysia, like any other Asian countries may be buying because of few reasons. The first, it is a comedy. Second, it has some stylish actions. And third, it features Taiwan's international pop star Jay Chou. The movie may not work in the Stateside, because the reason is simple - the movie still looks cheesy and unappealing.

    Seth Rogen stars as the titular character Green Hornet, a playboy-turned masked hero Britt Reid who runs the media mogul following his father's dead. He teams up with his father's assistant, Kato (played by Jay Chou) and the legendary Imperial car dubbed as the "Black Beauty", they combat the nototrious gang leaders in the street of LA.

    The movie is currently slated for January 14 opening in USA and will debuts in Malaysian theater about a fortnight later. The movie is presented as 2D and 3D form, directed by Michel Gondry.

    [UPDATE]: The new international poster for The Green Hornet has debuted in Yahoo Movie Taiwan. Check the poster below:

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