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    December 4, 2010


    MGM's financial woes have caused troubles to its line up, particularly Peter Jackson's The Hobbit and the next James Bond movie. Both films worth a cash cow and it seems no-brainer if MGM decides to not to do it considering the financial potential on it. With MGM's bankruptcy coming to an end of a chapter, we shall moving forward to a new chapter soon as the issue will finally finds its dot soon.

    The Hobbit is already picking up the momentum with the casting and set preparation are underway. After a lot of tussles and troubles, Peter Jackson has cemented his seat on the directorial job and the shooting will return to the Middle-Earth New Zealand for shooting really soon. It is also been confirmed that The Hobbit will be shot using a cutting-edge 3D technology with 3D RED EPIC cameras, which according to the RED Studios press release – “has 5K resolution, can shoot up to 120 frames per second and has a new HDRx™ mode for the highest dynamic range of any digital cinema camera ever made… The EPIC’s small size and relatively low weight makes it perfect for 3D – where two cameras have to be mounted on each 3D rig.”

    The movie will offer not only a new 3D technology but will retains the use of CGI dragons and more implicative cinematic styles. On the casting notes, Martin Freeman has been casted for the main lead role of Bilbo Baggins as well as plenty others for various roles. We are still awaiting many more casting rumors to be stamped off - including a pool of pre-existing characters from the Lord of the Rings trilogy to return. The Hobbit will be a two-parts movie with the first part is scheduled for December 2012 release.

    For the beloved agent 007, fans will be cheering for this news. The 23rd James Bond movie has reportedly in active engagement now. Kate Winslet reportedly confirmed to The Daily Mail that his estranged husband Sam Mendes will begin work on the new James Bond movie next year at Pinewood film studios although any official statement has yet to be released. There is a report that Daniel Craig will once again reprising the role of the the ruthless agent 007. Honestly, the last two Bond films were a box office hit and one of those favoured by the critics.

    For that, we hope for more official news later for both MGM's production.

    SOURCE: Screen Rant
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