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    December 30, 2010


    It is coming quite to the very end of the years. It has been a hectic year running this blog alone. Over the past 2 weeks, GREEN TEA MOVIE has watched and reviewed several movies but due to the time constraint, it seems a little proper to post up a bunch of reviews together. The year end is particularly hectic just like years back. In this post, GREEN TEA MOVIE will look at a few movies:

    THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT (English/18)
    Genre: Drama/Comedy
    Release Date: DVD on 16 November 2010, unreleased in Malaysia
    Distributor: Focus Feature
    Running Time: 106 minutes
    Director: Lisa Cholodenko
    Producers: Gary Gilbert, Jordan Horowitz, Celine Rattray, Daniela Taplin Lundberg, Philippe Hellmann
    Writers: Lisa Cholodenko, Stuart Blumberg
    Casts: Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Mia Wasikowska, Josh Hutcherson
    Plot: Nic and Jules are in a long term, committed, loving but by no means perfect relationship. Nic, a physician, needs to wield what she believes is control, whereas Jules, under that control, is less self-assured. During their relationship, Jules has floundered in her "nine to five" life, sometimes trying to start a business - always unsuccessfully - or being the stay at home mom. She is currently trying to start a landscape design business. They have two teen-aged children, Joni and Laser, Nic who is Joni's biological mother, and Jules who is Laser's biological mother. Although not exact replicas, each offspring does more closely resemble his/her biological mother in temperament. Joni and Laser are also half-siblings, having the same unknown sperm donor father. Shortly after Joni's eighteenth birthday and shortly before she plans to leave the house and head off to college, Laser, only fifteen and underage to do so, pleads with her to try and contact their sperm donor father. Somewhat reluctantly, she does.


    While it doesn't make any sense that this movie has came out of expectation as a runaway hit, the story feels a little cliche. The whole story of unaffectionate love of seemingly functional family but tampered with a lot of internal conflicts and unauthorized affair takes exactly from some family drama, but managed to grab some distinction of its own by portraying a dilemma in a family headed by lesbians. Although predictable, it manage to capture some heart-warming story that essentially brings a different approach on family values. There are plenty to talk about - from points of the parents and the kids; where questions, doubts and concerns about life, sexuality and virtues are dealt brilliantly. It looks normal despite those rave reviews!

    Story: 3.5 stars
    Casts: 4.0 stars
    Cinematography: 3.5 stars
    Effects: 3.0 stars
    OVERALL : 3.5 stars

    GULLIVER'S TRAVEL (English/18)
    Genre: Comedy
    Release Date: 23 December 2010
    Distributor: 20th Century Fox
    Running Time: 88 minutes
    Director: Rob Letterman
    Producers: John Davis, Gregory Goodman, Ben Cooley, Jack Black
    Writers: Joe Stillman, Nicholas Stoller, based on series by Jonathan Swift
    Casts: Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Amanda Peet, Bill Connolly
    Plot: The big-screen adaptation of "Gulliver's Travels" has Jack Black taking on the title role of Lemuel Gulliver, a free-spirited travel writer. During an assignment to the Bermuda Triangle, he suddenly finds himself a giant among men when he is washed ashore on the hidden island of Liliput, home to a population of industrious, yet tiny, people.


    Gulliver's Travel is fun-looking on its external but feels bitter on its interior. The new remake of beloved Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travel's adventure feels misguided, uninspired and did not gave the original source material some respects. If there is a simple word to describe the whole plot of the movie, that could have been non-sense and rubbish (okay, that's three). Gulliver's Travel is missing the right combination of good chuckles and feels good, rather the whole short journey of 86 minutes resulting in a dreadful experience, sleazy and lazy movie to be watched. LUCKY ENOUGH, it's not the worst movie of the year.

    Story: 2.0 stars
    Casts: 3.0 stars
    Cinematography: 3.5 stars
    Effects: 3.5 stars
    OVERALL : 2.5 stars
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