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    February 26, 2011


    Look guys! I know this is just perfectly done for you. While Warner Bros have not been using the Super Bowl event to done much on their products, now we have another few to figure out. The Hangover 2, the sequel, of course of a popular comedy back in 2009 has now received a new teaser trailer. Now, before you get excited, the teaser shows nothing much from the scenes of the movie but it should settle down your highly anticipation just to see the three funny men, known as The Wolfpack.

    Wait, did they lost Doug again?

    Like I said, it should be enough at the moment. Opening this Memorial Day in United States (that's May 26) and in Malaysia, you have to wait till August 11.

    For an extra, let me throw you another trailer. This time for the upcoming rising sci-fi director, Duncan Jones (David Bowie's son) who rose in fame in 2009 with his eccentric sci-fi debut film, Moon. This time in Source Code, Jake Gyllenhaal's character needs to find the bomber who create havoc bombing a train at Chicago by using a cutting-edge technology known only as The Source Code. The machine works by transporting the user into the last 8 minutes of another person's life.

    Source Code opens on April 1, 2011 (not an April's Fool) in United States and April 21 in Malaysia.

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