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    April 27, 2011


    James Cameron made the first two Terminator movies with legendary signs pasted and attached with them. From the original 1984 movie about the war between the human and the cyborgs, followed by 1991's Terminator 2: Judgement Day, which was hailed as one of the best science fiction movie,the franchise has changed our perception towards the sci-fi genre and giving a new breathe of stylish yet smart flick. Then in 2003, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machine looks a little fatigue while it was not that bad at all, it failed to recapture the moments from its predecessors. Just 2 years ago, Terminator Salvation was released to chronicle to live of John Connor several years after the event in Rise of the Machine - and that was disappointing. =(

    Fear not, we might have a new wind of changes as the development of the fifth Terminator movie seems imminent! Whether it is a good or a bad news for the idea of having another installment, one thing for sure is that the original Terminator will be back. Oh, when I said the original Terminator; I am talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, we shall run that liner gigs again - "Hasta la vista" and "I'll be back!" After 7 years of politic career where he was "elected to lead, not to read" (The Simpsons Movie), the Californian governor has openly expressed his desire to return into the showbiz. Recently, there is an animation known as The Governator is been developing together with Stan Lee.

    Now, Terminator 5 (not sure if this will be the title or not) is already on development given the momentum it has been picking up since the exclusive rights to the franchise has been secured by Pacifor in a "heat-battle of custody last year." Realizing the potential of the new installment, the service of Fast Five director Justin Lin has been secured to helm the movie and Deadline has now reported that Arnie is officially attached. It is also noted that Universal, Sony, and Lionsgate are already giving serious consideration to Pacificor’s package.

    Now that leaves a lot of stuffs to be filled in. What will the story, the setting and the direction of Terminator 5 would eventually take? Should we see Arnie doing another round of cyborg-ass-kicking with a black leather jacket, sunglass and a palm gun on his hand again? Is it even possible for us to have a new Terminator while Arnie doing some light supporting role? Should the continuation story of John Connor as we have seen in Terminator Salvation (although it bombed very badly) be considered for the fifth round? We hope to hear more in the future.

    SOURCE: Deadline

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