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    April 29, 2011


    If you have your ears and eyes got sore with the buzzes you have with the recent visit by the teen-pop sensation Justin Bieber to Malaysia (and he thought he is in Manila just like Bruno Mars), I do think that this article is really for you! Similarly, this is also regarded not a suitable story for people with heart problems, weak-heart-syndromes and pregnant mothers as this story proves to be more scarier than Halloween movies. Perhaps you might want to take the risks and die laughing at it.

    The freaky story is: Mark Wahlberg and Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber are collaborating for a film over at Paramount Pictures. Okay, I see a lot of people falling off from their chairs now. Vulture and Deadline have the details. Apparently the planned movie will have nothing to do with Youtube, dancing, singing nor 3D concert written all over it. Instead, it gets serious and dark, possibly. This is what Mark Wahlberg said:

    "[The film will be] more of a drama. It’s interesting, right? You want to know. They’ll probably announce it. They may announce it fairly soon … [I play] kind of like a reluctant mentor [to Bieber's character] in an inner-city environment. You know, I don’t want to say. (Vulture)

    Additionally, reports from Deadline:

    "will reportedly revolve around street basketball. The tone of film “is described as [Martin Scorsese's] ‘The Color of Money’ meets ‘The Karate Kid’.(Deadline)

    I have no idea what is on Marky's mind but it seems that he liken the idea of working with Bieber. For that, I am refraining myself to commenting about his decision. Wahlberg is a good actor but how much he can lift Bieber into becoming a serious actor. Good points to note though is that Wahlberg started off his career as a rapper before donning into the films. So, my one and only question to you is - can Bieber follows the footstep of Marky? End of lines.

    Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson will produce with Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun. The script will be written by Ian Edelman.

    P/S: Have you ever seen Bieber in a dramatic role before? This is what happened to him.

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