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    April 22, 2011


    [UPDATED with The Green Lantern as well]

    Yes the title above is intended to be longer. The summer is almost here in the United States, but for those in Australia, this week they will be the first in the world to have their eyes soaked with the first two summer blockbusters. Fast Five and Thor are opening in Australia, taking an advantage due to this weekend will be a six-days profitable business for their box office - starting Easter. Thor will only open in Australia before rolling out to more international market next week, before opens at the United States on May 5. Fast Five will open next week. In Malaysia, Thor opens on April 28 and Fast Five on May 5.

    To sink your anticipations, Green Tea Movie has compiled several banners and images for you to ponder before the big guns are coming.

    We have three character banners from Transformer: Dark of the Moon - where Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Shockwave will be making some giant-iron battle coming this July. Malaysian audiences will most likely able to see it arriving on the last weekend of June, no doubt trumping yet another box office record. In 2007, the first Transformers hailed as the highest grossing movie in Malaysia, a record that was broken then in 2009 with the sequel. The record of RM26 million (roughly estimated) will definitely be broken again. Be sure to catch the premier of the new trailer coming next Friday.




    Next on our list, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The movie will be opening day and date worldwide on May 19, follows the new adventure for Captain Jack Sparrow to search for the mystical fountain of youth. Joining him this time are the beautiful Penelope Cruz and her ruthless father, the fearsome Blackbeard (played by Ian McShane) while Captain Barbosa (Geoffrey Rush) is back too to provide yet again another love-hate relationship with Sparrow. Coming Soon obtained a huge banner poster that has our four characters embedded in this Russian banner.

    Note: Click the image to reveal a larger resolutions!!


    Ah, I just realized I actually missed out The Green Lantern. Here we have two big banners on character Hal Jordan (played by Ryan Reynolds) and Tomar-Re (voiced by Geoffrey Rush). As usual, click on the two banners for larger resolutions.



    Anyone can wait for these movies? What is the most anticipated movies for you? Comment below.
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