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    May 11, 2011


    Photo credit from Deadline
    'Men In Black' director Barry Sonnenfeld is set to direct a new movie that blends in a prehistoric look. The movie entitled as 'Dominion: Dinosaurs vs. Aliens', is scripted by legendary and popular comic book writer that rise to fame following some critical works in "Batman R.I.P." and "All-Star Superman" - Grant Morrison.

    'Dominion: Dinosaurs vs Aliens' sounds so stupid on its name but it could be surprisingly how it might have been as lauded as the other genre-mashers like this Summer's 'Cowboys vs Aliens' or next year's 'Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter'. Deadline reported that Sonnenfeld will get things on work as soon as he finished up the ongoing troubled shooting of the third Men In Black movie. It is also reported that the movie will centers on a secret prehistoric world war battle when an alien invasion attacks in the age of the roaming dinosaurs, to top that up been practically more intelligence as first suspected. From here, there is an issue implicating on how this movie will run. Will there be a human because I believe if the dinosaurs and aliens coming off for battle, I do not see a dialogue may be cheesed out.

    The movie project will coincides with the release of the graphic novel version that will be published later this year in print and digital formats. We will update if there is some news about this feature in the future since the premise looks exciting!

    [SOURCE: Deadline]
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