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    May 31, 2011


    It’s been two weeks since the last preview post was posted in Green Tea Movie. I am glad to be part of the global phenomenon that will be swarming across beginning June 2. On the first part of the preview I talked about the story that the X-Men: First Class is to be covered; ranging from a mixture emotional cocktail regarding issues surrounding the United States during the 60’s to 70’s; for instance the Cuban Missile Crisis, racism and social equality. X-Men: First Class will look on how X-Men is first established, going back into the origin, a look into the day of formation and the day when Professor X (Charles Xavier) and Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr) were friends. Things then turn ugly and proceeds into the known events that happen in the modern day where a bit of shear rivalry and partition of the special mutants into two schools of taught. I have also shown you the profiles of the two men whom will lead the mutants, once afflicted and then ripped apart as archenemy. In part three of the preview post, let me invite you to the rest of the mutants (in second part), where we will feature two X-Men mutants - Havok and Darwin.


    Alexander "Alex" Summers (Havok)
    He is played by young American actor Lucas Till (The Spy Next Door, Battle Los Angeles). Havok possesses superhuman abilities Ability to absorb cosmic energy and energy blasts. Alex Summers is the youngest of Christopher Summer, the other is been Scott Summer (Cyclops). He is later part of X-Men.

    Unlike the comics where he is the brother of Cyclops, Havok may be playing his father since the film is based in the ’60s. Fans will also note the change in color of his energy blasts to red, more in line with Cyclops’ optic blasts from the previous X-Men movies. In an interview with LA Times, Bryan Singer described Havok as:

    "And I really, really like [Lucas Till as] Havok, who we’re bringing in [to the continuity] at a sort of a different time, relative to the comic book lore. It’s an extremely cool character. What’s great, too, about all of these characters is that they haven’t honed their abilities yet. Havok is a danger to himself and everyone around him. That’s where this movie is at — the recruiting of these mutants and bringing them together."

    Armando Munoz (Darwin)
    He is played by young Kenyan-American actor Edi Gathegi (Twilight, House TV series). Darwin is known to possess the power of reactive evolution. He is later part of X-Men.

    ----- END OF PART THREE -----

    X-Men: First Class is opening this weekend, with early shows starting tomorrow. Are you ready for the X-Men journey? Watch the awesome featurette trailer below:

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