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    June 20, 2011

    BOX OFFICE NEWS JUNE 17 - JUNE 19, 2011

    This weekend, two movies arrived at the Box Office, each playing to a different demographic target audience. Warner Bros and DC Comics adaptation of Green Lantern played out to the comic fan-base while 20th Century Fox provided family entertainment with Mr Popper's Penguins. However, the opening gross for both movies seems a little underwhelming.

    Green Lantern opened to an estimated $52.7 million from 7,200 screens at 3,816 locations. The start was behind X-Men: First Class's $55.1 million and Thor's $65.7 million, both were fellow superhero movies that opened earlier this year. On Friday's opening day, it grossed $21.6 million which also included $3.35 million midnight gross. Early estimate shows that the critically-panned comic adaptation suffered bad words-of-mouth where it dropped 22% on Saturday and a further 15% slide on Sunday, giving Friday to weekend ratio gross at 0.41.

    3D presentations of Green Lantern accounted for 45% of total gross, comparable to Kung Fu Panda 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Recently, Hollywood movies suffered lower sales for their 3D sections, with none of the titles managed to even reach Thor's 60% 3D share. This is significant as most of the audiences may have experiencing fatigues for the extra-dimensional. It is expected that the trend may be reversed at the end of this month when the third Transformers movie opens. Distributor Warner Bros.' exit polling indicated that 64 percent of Green Lantern's audience was male and 63 percent was over 25 years old (19 percent was under 18).

    Opening on third at the weekend, Jim Carrey's Mr Popper's Penguins brought in a tepid gross of an estimated $18.2 million from 4,200 screens at 3,339 locations. The family-vehicle comedy that was adapted from Richard and Florence Atwater's classic of similar title, but has been altered to set in modern day. The movie received mixed reviews but family movies tend to have some form of lagging during the summer season. Distributor 20th Century Fox's research showed that 56 percent of Mr. Popper's audience was female and 58 percent was under 25 years old.

    Here are the top twelve box office of the weekend according to the studio estimation.

    Rank Title Weekend Gross ($) Change (%) Total Gross ($)
    1 GREEN LANTERN 52,685,000 NEW 52,685,000
    2 SUPER 8 21,250,000 -40.1 72,781,000
    3 MR POPPER'S PENGUINS 18,200,000 NEW 18,200,000
    4 X-MEN: FIRST CLASS 11,500,000 -52.3 119,925,000
    5 THE HANGOVER PART II9,635,000 -45.5 232,674,000
    6 KUNG FU PANDA 2 8,700,000 -47.4 143,343,000
    7 BRIDESMAIDS 7,487,000 -25.6 136,840,000
    6,236,000 -43.0 220,337,000
    9 MIDNIGHT IN PARIS 5,237,000 -10.2 21,799,000
    2,241,000 -63.1 11,167,000
    11 THOR 1,145,000 -53.0 176,111,000
    12 THE TREE OF LIFE 1,115,000 +34.8 3,851,000
    *Note: All figures are ESTIMATED grosses. Courtesy of BOX OFFICE MOJO
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