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    June 12, 2011


    G.I. Joe: Cobra Rises might get another new character. The new character is Jinx and THR is now reporting that French actress Elodie Yung is in talks to take on the role. The character was not seen in the first movie and will be the second new characters to be introduced in the series after Roadblock. Jinx (not to be confused with Die another Day’s Bond Girl, Jinx that was played by Halle Berry) is a young red ninja of the Joe squad.

    Elodie Yung seems to be a great choice. If you have not watched District 13: Ultimatum, you probably have missed Elodie Yung’s role in the movie. In the movie, she possessed a considerably ninja-like prowess when taking care of the dirty cops with only a knife as her weapon. In the movie, Jinx , who, while vacationing in Japan, discovered her familial ties to a ninja clan known as the Arashikage, and was officially initiated into the clan. She was then recruited by Snake-Eyes, a fellow ninja and member of the G.I. Joe Team."

    Yung is to be seen in this year’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She plays Lisbeth Salander’s lesbian girlfriend in the David Fincher’s movie.

    In line with Rachel Nichols tweet a few month ago that only a small and handful casts will be returning to the sequel and with Joseph Gordon-Levitt has made it clear that he would not be in this sequel, the sequel to Stephen Sommer’s 2009 G.I. Joe would need some new characters now. Although the full intention behind this decision to go with new characters was not really understood, we believe director John Chu and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura may have game plan in hands. Recently Dwayne Johnson was in negotiation to join the castings bit by playing Roadbloack, another character not seen in the first movie.

    [SOURCE: Slash Film, THR]
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