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    July 13, 2011


    For Walt Disney, Johnny Depp is a gem and a star that helped them to reap three billion-dollar movies worldwide (Pirates of the Caribbean's Dead Man Chest and On Stranger Tides, as well as Alice in Wonderland). Of course, aside the success he had with Disney's movies, he has proven over the years to be the one of the most bankable stars worldwide. Seizing the right opportunity and formula, news from Screen Rant and Deadline have that both Walt Disney Pictures and Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil company are developing some projects together. Read on the details of the projects after the jump.

    Depp and Disney are currently in the process to develop not one, but two projects which will be potentially starred by Depp himself. The two projects are the big screen remake cum adaptation of the 1970s TV movie "The Night Stalker" and another one is a biopic revolving Paul Revere's famous midnight ride to warn the Colonial of the incoming British invasion.

    "The Night Stalker" was originally a 1972 TV movie starring Darren McGavin, as tabloid reporter Carl Kolchak who pitted an unique skills of journalism to go against a sinister vampire in Las Vegas as well as investigating the waves of supernatural occurrences.

    The untitled Paul Revere biopic will definitely retell the popular midnight ride he had during the beginning of the American Revolutionary war. That project has already assigned Janet and Lee Butchler (Batman Forever) to write a screenplay.

    At the moment, Johnny Depp seems to be a busy man but the addition of these films may not necessary mean he will indeed headlining them. To reflect his current works, he has just appeared in the fourth round of the Pirates of the Caribbean series as Captain Jack Sparrow. He also finished shooting the Bruce Robinson's The Rum Diary (set for American release on October 28). He was confirmed to have a lead role in Walt Disney's Lone Ranger, Tim Burton-directed Dark Shadows, as well as been rumored to have another go as the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow.

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