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    July 19, 2011


    Quentin Tarantino's next project about the revenge-driven "Southern" drama is expanding its casts and we know it is going to be big, bold and loud as well. Django Unchained is the upcoming project that will take the director into another homage of Spaghetti Western outing but adding a little twist of flavor by introducing the theme of slavery in it. With an ensemble talented A-list casts of Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio, the next star set to lock a deal with Tarantino is Kevin Costner. Read for more right after the jump.

    It looks like the negotiation is on for Costner to join and to play Ace Woody, a henchman of Candie's responsible for training the slaves to fight. Woody is responsible to train the slaves into the fighter-ala-Gladiators, solely for the entertainment of the white patrons of Candyland, while also forcing the female one into the world of prostitution. Costner's portrayal of an antagonist takes quite a dramatic turn since he is more popular been a good guy than a baddie himself.

    What we all know as well, right now is that Jamie Foxx will be playing the title character who turns himself into a revengeful person to go up against the villains in order to save his wife. Christoph Waltz will be playing a German bounty hunter whom will be assisting Django in his mission, while Leonardo DiCaprio will be the main antagonist, playing the evil and equally sadistic plantation owner. Previously unreported but we do understand now that Samuel L Jackson may have some role in the movie too as he is attached to star.

    Django Unchained is set for release on Christmas Day 2012 and the shooting is believed to begin sometimes around this fall. We will update you for more.

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