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    July 22, 2011


    Paramount Pictures' Paranormal Activity is just one of those horror movie that makes use of two important things - ultra-low-budget to make tonnes of money and found-footage horror is still quite the thing in Hollywood. Two Paranormal Activity movies scored pretty decently in terms of review here at Green Tea Movie, but it only takes in $370 million box office receipt against $4 million budget to make it a no-brainer if Paramount Pictures doesn't go for the third round. It seems they did and here is the first footage trailer of Paranormal Activity 3 which you can view after the jump.

    The third outing of the franchise (which has already turns dumbass viewers in Malaysia off by its unorthodox film making technique) will bring audience back into the year 1988. We already knew what is going to happen to the two sisters in the recent movies but the new film invites audience to look back into their childhood years. Their childhood years aren't anything interesting, except the fact that their souls have been tormented by some mysterious demon. Once, I remembered that their fate could have something to do with their parents past of dealing with some negotiations with the soul-reaper, albeit I am not too sure about it either; so please do correct this statement if I am wrong.

    The teaser trailer offers nothing much of a new dimension except been a rediscovery and throw back into the golden age of home video cassette or the VHS era in the 80s. You may be disappointed that the scary elements are rather tame but we hope the teaser tag does mean that the trailer is holding a lot of stuffs back. It lacks the proper plot story revelation in it but it does everything right by reminding you that Paranormal Activity 3 will not attempting to carry on what's going to happen following the ending of the second movie largely. So, before you watch this, please know what kind of movie you are dealing with!

    Last year's Sundance documentary helmers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (Catfish) are directing the third Paranormal Activity movie, which was scripted by PA 2 writer Christopher Landon. It sets for theatrical release on October 21 this year and possibly only arriving on January 2012 here in Malaysia.

    [SOURCE: Screen Rant]
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