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    August 2, 2011


    While Marvel Comics heavyweight and well-known characters like Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor have been translated into movie version, it’s time to expand the property to include the lesser known one as well. We all know that the sequels to Thor, Iron Man and Captain America are currently in development; while Edgar Wright is planning for an adaptation of Ant-Man film. As early as April 2010, it was reported that Marvel Studios was ‘seriously considering’ movie versions for lesser-known characters like Dr Strange, Ka-Zar, Luke Cage and Power Pack, among others. Dr Strange is set to be the next, according to a report from IO9 and Slash Film. More details right after the jump.

    Dr Strange is an arrogant surgeon injured in an accident. Strange or his real name, Dr Stephen Strange is a world renowned neurosurgeon who only cared about making money. One day, a car accident damaged his hands, thus preventing him from practicing his career. Depressed by the incident, he traveled to the mountains of Himalayas and eventually becomes the guardian of the spiritual side after meeting a hermit called the Ancient One. The rest is the story you can follow from the comic books.

    According to IO9, the movie adaptation for Dr Strange seems to be moving forward at the Marvel Studios. The studio has received the finished screenplay from Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer whom they hired last year. What does this mean? Could we heading for a Dr Strange movie after this? Highly possible! Will it get released any sooner if it is made? Maybe not so considering that Marvel Studios have tones of delicious movies to offer in the coming years!

    While the finished draft of the screenplay has been presented to the studio, it looks like the movie may not be ready to shoot yet, according to Slash Film’s article. It is highly probable that the drafted script may ends up been polished for more in another pair of hands. In other words, the project may not be ready at the moment. On the offering table, Marvel Studios has already laid their plan that will see them through the year 2013. Next year, Marvel Studios will assemble The Avengers for May release, Iron Man 3 movie on May 2013 while Thor 2 will be ready by July 26, 2012.

    The addition of Dr strange movie is a good welcome but so far, no official statement on the project yet. We shall look and hear for further announcement from Walt Disney Pictures soon.

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