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    October 28, 2011


    Couldn't resists myself from blogging about this. If you have check my Twitter and Facebook status in the afternoon, chances are you may have glimpse into my status about the brand new feature trailer for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. Well, if you have missed that, here in this movie blog, of course, you can watch it again right after the break.

    Ethan Hunt and the entire IMF are embroiled in a difficult position due to the accusation of their involvement in the Kremlin bombing. They take the blame and slowly rising up against the peoples really responsible on the act of terror. Yes, Ving Rhames is not there in the trailer but let's assure that the new members are doing equal fair of unbelievable banging and ridiculous actions with crystal loud and clear. Here's the trailer and get ready to pump up for the next 160 seconds of your life.

    Interested? Mark December now. Brad Bird directs and J.J. Abrams produces. Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Tom Wilkinson, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton, Josh Holloway, Lea Seydoux, Michael Nyqvist, Anil Kapoor and many more. Opening on 16 December in IMAX and five days later in wide release. Get ready to rock your Christmas.

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    1. Erm.. no offence, I think it's Ethan Hunt.. not Hawke.. peace ^^


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