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    December 9, 2011


    It seems most likely that the viral marketing for this summer Christopher Nolan's conclusion to the dark knight saga has just begun. Several websites across the net have posted this mysterious photo of what appears to be a sheet from the CIA documents that contains mugshots as well as some interesting description about Dr. Leonid Pavel. Many believe that this must have something to do with The Dark Knight Rises - considering certain factors to point out to that fact. Some thinks otherwise. Read more after the jump.

    Who is Dr Leonid Pavel in the photo? No concrete answer for now except that he is definitely the Israeli actor, Alon Aboutboul who indeed hold the role of "a mad scientist" in the upcoming saga. Some speculates that the mad scientist could be Hugo Strange, well that's a rumor up so far!

    The situation is as follows. The photo posting above describes that Dr Leonid is the head of a nuclear facility in one of the region in Russia but went missing for quite some time now. The documents show that CIA got a tip from a Georgian who alerted the agency about his information. Stipulated here as well; a transcript between a CIA agent and the informant.

    Photos from ScreenRant

    Here's the contrary questions to ponder.

    What is the odd and a chance that Dr Leonid Pavel's mugshot in the document has something to do with The Dark Knight Rises and not some unknown movie project at the moment? Cast in May, Aboutboul is one of the minor casting whom comes nboard with a role description "mad scientist", a role that could be very well significant and akin to Hugo Strange, as well as the origin of Bane. Considering he is from Russia, how does this fit into the Batman's saga model then when at this point, nothing is assured of what would be the back story for The Dark Knight Rises. While many would love to believe that Hugo Strange would appear in the movie, then comes my next ponder.

    Who is Dr Leonid Pavel actually and how it may not necessary have something to do with The Dark Knight Rises? As I have said earlier, the Nolan's Batman installment has absolutely little connection to Russia's nuclear program or what-so-ever. This could mean this is not a viral marketing for the movie at all but could be others - like let's say Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. That makes sense as the movie is out soon and  it has Russia painted all over it. Now comes a new ponder!

    It could still be about Bane right? Yes, it could still be. There is a photo from Slashfilm that points out that Bane is indeed carrying or possessing some metallic-blob-device that seems electrical or nuclear-powered. The image can be viewed below. Now, let's examine. If Bane is to have anything to involve in this, he must be the one who kidnap Dr Leonid Pavel and steal the tech for the device. It might be a bomb or not, I don't know.

    Photo from SlashFilm

    As I have mentioned earlier, there are no concrete answers for now. Let's assume this is indeed for The Dark Knight Rises, what is your expectation from all the clues provided? If it is not, which film does it tie-in with?

    On another Batman-related notes, Commissioner Gordon himself (Gary Oldman) has revealed to ScreenRant that there might be new sequels after Rises. Interesting! Hit off with what you thought after reading this piece of news!

    [SOURCE: ScreenRant]
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