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    December 10, 2011


    Yesterday, Green Tea Movie!! featured the story that the viral marketing campaign seems to have begun for Christopher Nolan's upcoming 'The Dark Knight Rises'. The first viral campaign had two sheets of documents; pulled out directly from the CIA files showing some classified paperwork about someone named Leonid Pavel . Yesterday, many were left pondering on how or who or why Dr Leonid Pavel, a supposedly missing Russian scientist; could have anything to do with the story in the closing chapter for the Batman saga. Yes, there are some other arguments if it was actually a viral campaign for some other movies. I have already said that it could be and most probably had something to do with TDKR. Now, it seems a new piece of viral campaign has emerged. Read right after the jump.

    A little over two hours ago (1AM Malaysian time), a new information led me to a website known only as Operation Early Bird. There was a countdown clock suggesting there will be something to offer. Right at around 2AM, the website contains a map, coordinate locator as well as details on some IMAX screens locations and date stamp 13 December, 10PM stipulated. Just like the print screen below.

    I try to 'book the ticket' and it lead me to this.

    Pretty cool if you ask me. That's said - your confirmation for the movie's prologue heading in most IMAX locations in North America and United Kingdom as it seems. Unfortunately, in Malaysia...well, we got none.

    Next the official site for TDKR (here) has been updated with some creepy sound files with the tone changes after a while, repeatedly chanting some sort of series of numbers followed by some chime tone. It is kind of creepy as it is 3AM now. Nightmare it screams! I have no idea what these numbers mean but I can only said rewards shall be reaped if you can decipher what these mean.

    Anyway, credit goes to What Culture for the heads up!

    [SOURCE: What Culture!]
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