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    May 3, 2012


    [UPDATE: We got a video to go along with it!! Watch it after the jump] Have you watched Marvel's The Avengers yet? Awesome? In case you haven't, please do take some times and really go and watch it. Green Tea Movie gave a near perfect score, for which you can read from here.

    Here is something interesting that I managed to dig out from the net today. Apparently, we thought that the scene where (SPOILER ALERT!): Thanos is scheming a plan to invade the Earth with a smile on his face (SPOILER ENDS!) is the post-credit scene, well you are not 100% wrong. Apparently, there is another post-credit scene awaits you after that long end-credit.

    This photo from Tumblr owner who works at a movie theater (I assume in America) shows what the second post-credit looks like. Unfortunately, you may not be able to see this in our local cinema because of the different set of movie prints we have here from the American version.

    The story of that scene is like this: a day after the World Premier on April 11, Whedon decided to shoot an additional scene. Producer Kevin Fiege then confirmed that it is just a scene and nothing more. With the early release of The Avengers here and some part of the world, a higher chance that this scene has not made it to the final print.

    Clearly, this scene is nothing more than an easter egg to what Tony Stark mentioned twice after the final battle in the New York city.

    [UPDATE: So you are curious about the shawarma scene? Watch the video below to see their priceless-stunned-cum-tired faces. Thanks to Elijah Van Dine (Youtuber who posted this up), thanks mate because most people overseas do not have the opportunity to watch this.]

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