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    June 1, 2012


    It is easily one of the forgotten action movies of the summer! Honestly, I almost forgot the existence of this Tony Gilroy's directed movie that only after watching the teaserin front of "Snow White and the Hunstman" that I went to last night, I would leave my first week of August empty. "The Bourne Legacy" sounds gimmicky trying to suck in those cash that made "The Bourne Ultimatum" into one of the best in the franchise few years ago. Of course, that has a better heavyweight punchers in the form of Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon. With the release of a proper full-length feature, the fourth entry in the "Bourne universe" seems to distinguish itself by branching the events from "Ultimatum" into a new parallel story to follow. Okay, now I am going to scrap the word "forgotten" hereafter.

    The trailer sells some plot details but does not entirely exposing everything. The trailer sets itself with some logical references to the all Damon's Bourne movies but judging how this movie is built entirely a "Legacy". I can assume that the events in this movie was set in motion by all the actions and consequences due to Bourne's exposure of the entire program. Nevertheless, Bourne was not alone, as in this one, Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) was forced to evade the government-man named only as Byer (Ed Norton) who wants to kill him and wiping clean everything related to the Threadstone. As it goes, he met two important key persons that could helped him to understand the whole situation.

    The narrative architect behind the Bourne film series, Tony Gilroy, takes the helm in the next chapter of the hugely popular espionage franchise that has earned almost $1 billion at the global box office: The Bourne Legacy. The writer/director expands the Bourne universe created by Robert Ludlum with an original story that introduces us to a new hero (Jeremy Renner) whose life-or-death stakes have been triggered by the events of the first three films. For The Bourne Legacy, Renner joins fellow series newcomers Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Stacy Keach and Oscar Isaac, while franchise veterans Albert Finney, Joan Allen, David Strathairn and Scott Glenn reprise their roles.

    "Legacy" arrives in theaters on first week of August.
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