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    July 15, 2012



    Marvel Studios has officially announced their future line-up of installments for 2013 and up ahead with some title readjustment to go along with. They took their Comic Con panel in Hall H by storm; offering a large amount of tid-bit announcements and some cool footage from currently producing Iron Man 3 to the estactic crowd. The panel session started out with a teaser recap footage with "Phase Two begins right now!" emphasizing the next chapter of development before the long-time exec producer Kevin Fiege making his entry of presentation.

    Feige opened the panel by emphasizing that Marvel is working on four movies, actively at the moment.

    Iron Man 3 armour

    The first is Iron Man 3 which is expected to arrive on May 3, 2013 - a title for which Shane Black is directing and Robert Downey Jr returns as the metal man. Ben Kingsley is now officially announced as the Mandarin, the main villain in the Iron Man 3. Screen Rant describes the Iron Man 3 footage as follows:

    The first scene was very funny and it was Happy Hogun (Favreau) chatting via a tablet to Tony Stark. Hogun had quit working and joked about being mocked about being the “bodyguard of Iron Man” while joking about the attack on Manhattan (from The Avengers).
    We see Stark’s house get destroyed and Iron Man falling through the water. We see the Patroiotic-colored armor, we see shots of all the characters, all with a voice over from The Mandarin explaining how there are no heroes and that he’s not a terrorist, but a teacher.

    Thor: The Dark World wallpaper

    Thor 2 has been given a new title - Thor: The Dark World. It will be directed by Alan Taylor (from several episodes of Game of Thrones) and sees the returning of the key casting for November 8, 2013 release. Feige added that Zachary Levi has been confirmed to take over the role of Fandrel from Joshua Dallas in the Thor sequel.

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier wallpaper

    Captain America sequel is now retitled as Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Those who are familiar with the title should know what the plot storyline of this sequel will be about. It will now center on Bucky Banes, played by Sebastian Stan in the first movie, thought to have been killed but now taking an integral role. The Cap sequel is now slated for April 4, 2014 release (their frist Spring release)

    Drax the Destroyer, Groot, StarLord, Rocket Racoon, and Gamora

    Following heavy rumors over the past few weeks, Marvel finally confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy will be released on August 1, 2014. Feige revealed that the team that will be unleashed for Guardians of the Galaxy includes StarLord, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Racoon, Gamora and Groot. Thanos will be the villain.

    In a surprise mood, Feige then introduced Edgar Wright to talk about Ant-Man. Wright then revealed the test footage for Ant-Man which is rough and later commented "Ant-Man will kick your ass one inch at a time.” No official announcement in regards to this project has been announced. Nevertheless, the descriptions of the test footage as revealed by Screen Rant are as follow:

    The Ant-Man test footage was around 30 seconds and showed him in his full costume – no actor face was shown. He starts off in a vent looking down a corridor with two armed guards and then jumps out changing size to full-size human and shrinks again to jump up and punch out one, going full-size again, shrinking again, jumping over the second guard, grabbing his tie, enlarging and tossing him through a glass window. It finishes with him getting in an elevator with a little humor.

    Source: http://collider.com/comic-con-marvel-ant-man-guardians-galaxy/180531/
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