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    August 9, 2012


    Perhaps Warner Bros has seen how Walt Disney and Marvel Studios have been riding high with cloud nines over the recent months. With $1.46 billion of box office tickets has already been collected, the assembling superhero movie from Marvel proofs to be profitable. The summer blockbuster The Avengers gave the DC Comic holder some thought over the future of their precious properties - Justice League is one of them. Warner Bros. appears to have their eye on Ben Affleck to direct the big screen Justice League feature film and is made to understand that talks are already on their way. More details after the jump.

    Coming Soon (via Variety) reported that the studio has sent Affleck the Will Beall's recently announced screenplay to gauge his interest. This seems to be a response from the studio following re-appointment of Joss Whedon to helm the second phase of The Avengers, expected to arrive in 2015.

    It is still largely unknown how Beall's screenplay will play-out and has its story been derived from the current and existing superhero properties and movies that have been developed by DC Comics. It is also pretty much unclear if the studio will use any of their standalone superhero projects as jumping off points to build a world akin of The Avengers.

    In the current Justice League members' situation:

    1. Batman series has been completed under Christopher Nolan's guidance
    2. Superman will be relaunched under Zack Snyder, next year
    3. Last year's Green Lantern was paltry and messy
    4. Wonder Woman failed to kick-off with a TV series
    5. The Flash has been mentioned numerously over the years

    Looks like a meticulous works need to be done and sort out before a proper Justice League can be materialized. Of course, things in DC Comics look pretty messy and unorganized, that perhaps someone should start laying out a proper plans before things can get running smoother. Coming Soon also speculates that Affleck is likely to start discussion in the coming weeks and it is interesting and eager to see how he will respond to this.

    With limited films helmed by Affleck (2007's Gone Baby Gone, 2010's The Town and the upcoming Argo), is he a viable choice to helm?
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