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    September 30, 2012


    INTRO: Welcome to the fourth episode of “Green Tea Movie!! Watches TVs Too” in which we will shift our focus on the new CBS investigation drama known as Elementary. Elementary is created and exec produced by Rob Doherty (Ringer, Medium) and is a shocking contemporary uptake of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works on Sherlock Holmes. Holmes is indeed a hot property in the entertainment media with one movie franchise from Warner Bros, a television series from BBC and now an Americanized-setting rooting on CBS network. The series premiers this week with a pilot episode.

    PREMISE AND CAST: A modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes, with the detective now living in New York City. Sherlock Holmes (Johnny Lee Miller) is a former consultant to Scotland Yard, and an addict who travels to New York City to check into a rehabilitation center and stays on in Brooklyn with a newly-found sober companion Joan Watson (Lucy Liu). Holmes now works as a consultant of crime division under the supervision of Captain Tobias Gregson of the New York City Police Department (Aidan Quinn).

    PILOT REVIEW: The pilot episode is directed by Michael Cuesta (Homeland, Blue Blood) and written by Rob Doherty. The problem with this CBS's own re-imagining version of the stroke detective genius is that it pales on its utmost comparison on the BBC's counterpart. It is very hard to take things clear when reviewing this alone because I believe much of my next sentences will definitely hold some comparison along way. The other problem is that Elementary is formulaic and predictable in running along the thread-mills of the likes of other CBS procedural drama. Even in those moments, Elementary does not feel like a disaster at all.

    CBS managed to pull out a rather different version of Sherlock by having him working out cases along side female Watson with a handy smartphones on the palms, sticking to the subway tube and so on. Indeed, as some may have worried how this will be a failure product-on-arrival, they can relieved as the real threat that could endanger the whole interest on this show becomes unfounded.

    But alas, Elementary is not a purist work that glorifies every department imaginable. The story may be predictable yet it is interesting to run along the iterative process Holmes brief the forensic team on the ground. While some details of the backstory seem to rush through as the basking with thin sun-ray is not enough to stand out, the characters and the casting itself are more prolific than this point. I believe in over the course of the season, much more can be twirl out. Just look how Person of Interest managed to beat the predictable to become one of the best drama on television today.

    In the end, Elementary is a standard procedural drama that is effectively also a good show to follow but will definitely goes dimmer than the BBC's counterpart on the colour chart. Even with major risks it has to overcome, Elementary is still an interesting series that has more potential to break even more once it gets comfy.

    RATING: B+

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