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    February 13, 2013


    ‘Deluxe Hotel’ is basically ‘All Well End’s Well 2013’, retaining plenty of regular casts like Raymond Wong, Sandra Ng, Chapman To and Ronald Cheng; while adding Teresa Mo and Fiona Sit but omitting Louis Koo and Donnie Yen in the line-up. The ensemble casting results in a mixture of feel good and interesting personality, charms and witty that are also unique to their own way. With a mixture of interesting main characters, the joke attempts in the first half are pretty good and laughable. The premise is all about a team of hotel management trying their best to score a 5-star rating for their hotel, which is intriguing enough to generate enough curiosity and excitement.

    Genre: Comedy
    Classification: U
    Release Date: 07 February 2013
    Running Time: 93 minutes
    Distributor: Lotus Five Star
    Director: Vincent Kuk
    Screenplay: -
    Starring: Raymond Wong, Teresa Mo Sun Kwan, Chapman To, Sandra Ng, Ronald Cheng, Fiona Sit, Janelle Sing, Lynn Xiong

    Plot: The brand new "Hundred Stars Hotel" is a well-equipped five-star hotel located at Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou. However, this hotel is run by a group of incompetent staff including the Assistant Manager OK, the Chief Bartender Pacino, the Head of Housekeeping Peach and the Receptionist Sammy. Rumor has it that a mysterious hotel detective will arrive soon to define the rating of "Hundred Stars Hotel". In order to match the five-star standard, harsh Cruella has been appointed as the Hotel Manager to restructure the hotel. Cruella takes the chance to develop "Hundred Stars Hotel" as the shooting location for a big budget movie, but chaos ensues when the two leading actresses Marilyn and Audrey stay in the hotel and they are arrogant and too hot to handle.

    Unfortunately, as more supporting characters and side stories are added in (few of which tends to be irrelevant), the plot becomes aimless and messy. It struggles to find a great balance and sensibility between the ‘rich man wills’, ‘platonic love’ and ‘the mysterious rating judge’ stories. Some of the humours are no longer serviceable to cater the confusing second half.

    In the end, ‘Deluxe Hotel’ is an entertaining lunar new year-themed movie that succeeds in providing ample throbbing fun and poking laughter through an interesting cocktail of characters, until the plot goes haywire on the third act.

    Story: 2.5
    Casts: 3.5
    Cinematography: 3.0
    Effects: 3.0
    GREEN-TEA-O-METER: 11.6/20.0
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