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    April 23, 2013


    New trailer, the first one in fact for Thor: The Dark World has made its way to the blogosphere today. It shapes to be an epic fight between Thor (and Loki, as speculated will join the good side at least for temporary job) versus Malakeith the Accused, the dark elf. Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings, Anthony Hopkins rejoin the cast along side Chris Hemsworth as the titular character and Tom Hiddlestone as the ever affectionate villain Loki. The trailer is epic in every angle, of course, joining the awesome trailers contest which is currently lead by Man of Steel.

    Thor: The Dark World is the second Marvel film to feature this year and also the second one in the mega second phase which will pit the world's greatest superheroes to go against Thanos (possibly). As for now, Iron Man has an issue to settle with Mandarin and in November, Thor will have an issue of his own too. Helmed by Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor, Thor 2 is another great movie to watch for.
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