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    January 17, 2014


    BRIEFLY: The 86th Academy Awards is this year's edition of The Oscars which honours the achievements in the film industry and overseen by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). This year's Oscars will be hosted by Ellen DeGeneres which is scheduled for March 2, 2014. The nominations were announced just now (January 16, 2014) by Chris Hemsworth and AMPAS President Cheryl Boone Isaac.

    The nominations for the year's Oscars were announced yesterday and to my surprise (or probably not), we have more snubs than we can afford this year. Ben Affleck's snub for the Best Director category seemed to dominate all the talks last year. It seems like we can add a few more into the list this year. Here are the biggest snubs in this year's edition.


    The decision to "omit" Coen Brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis" is shocking. The latest piece by the duo director is one of the finest movie I have seen this year but it ultimately fails to land itself the Best Picture and probably a couple more awards here and there (especially Best Original Song).

    <2> TOM HANKS

    Tom Hanks missed out the Best Actor for his performance as the man with full shares of vulnerability in Paul Greengrass' "Captain Phillips". What's shocking is that Hanks was considered a frontrunner to the noms. I think Hanks did way better than *ehem ehem* and it makes nonsensical that his performance (particularly in the last 10 minutes( failed to land him the sixth career noms. Nevertheless, he is one of the rare human who won two back-to-back Oscars in the same category.

    <3> RUSH

    It comes to no surprise. It proves the danger of releasing an award-attracting movie too early in the season. "Rush" was released late September when everyone is still trying to adjust the mindset from full-blown summer hits into a milder season. Basically, "Rush" was robbed of the Best Picture, Best Screenplay for Peter Morgan, Best Director for Ron Howard, sadly but true the Best Supporting Actor for Daniel Bruhl's amazing embodiment of Niki Lauda as well as Best Cinematography and Best Original Score for Hans Zimmer (No, not that 12 Years a Slave please!). A repeat for "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"!!


    This comes to a surprise as this is a front-runner for the Best Documentary in plenty of major award circuits. Looks like the Academy decided to overlook this brilliant documentary about killer whales.


    More reason to think that "Mr. Saving Banks" is also been snubbed. While it is understandable if the movie was robbed from the seat for Best Picture, Emma Thompson's omission from the Best Actress is blatantly ridiculous.


    Not as big of a snub as compared to Tom Hanks or Joaquin Phoenix, but it is still a worthy snub to talk about. "All is Lost" is simply an amazing one-man show movie that resembles "Cast Away".


    To add in the salt water on the already inflicted wound of snubs this year, Joaquin Phoenix's absence in the Best Actor category for his performance in "Her" is likely to generate much of debates too.

    <8> SHORT TERM 12 and MUD

    I would have expect at least one indie movie to make into the list but these indie champs of the year was practically ignored. Brie Larson's fine performance as Grace, the lead actress role in "Short Term 12" was also not recognized while you can argue that Matthew McConaughey already have one slot for "Dallas Buyers Club" as compared to his supporting actor performance in "Mud"


    Despite some consolation in the form of Cate Blanchett's nomination in "Blue Jasmine", the movie and its director Woody Allen were not in for Best Picture and Best Director. Ouch!

    Clarification: You cannot consider "Blue is the Warmest Color" as a snub because the movie was not technically nominated by France to represent the country for the Best Foreign Language Film. In fact, the raunchy drama was released too late and is not eligible for this year's Oscars.
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