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    September 30, 2014


    INTRODUCTION: Judging by how this series has progressed so far, “Gotham” is still nowhere “safe” and is still very difficult to root for. While the pilot episode carried a sense of solid direction, I am beginning to wonder how this series will make use of its arsenal of possible backstories and villains. For every character it referred from the DC canon, the showrunners will attempt to pump in new characters to keep things moving.

    GOOD STUFFS: At best, the first ten minutes of “Selina Kyle” is practically enjoyable. The highlight is the constant butthead and uneasy partnership between Harvey and Jim; which is interesting to watch. The story arc of Ostwald Cobblepot in his time alone mission towards psychopath and creepiness is set up well. The other involving the possible mistrust Fish Mooney and Falcone should fuel potential going further. “Gotham” is spinning its own story and character, and is luckily not too dependable to the Batman arc.

    NOT IMPRESSED STUFFS: The episode did not make full use of the title to provide something useful with regards of Selina Kyle. The character has nothing to do with the story in the first two-third of the episode and I still don’t think she would have any major part for at least this season. Much like any other TV shows out there, the bad guys of the week are always the weakest link and seeing the way they solve the case is just campy and absurd.

    GOING FORWARD: “Gotham” at this current flow, feels as if Jim is against the whole world on his own – the police are too corrupt and the mayor is well, opportunistic. The future of the series will still largely hinge on the police procedural drama to move the premise. “Gotham” is beginning to routinely feel like this - for every strength and potential it carries, “Gotham” may find itself dogged down by some weaknesses too.

    Rating: B
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